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Izovita Andrew


People: they are so different, they have different wishes, possibilities, opportunities, opinions and attitude to life, but there is one thing, which is too specific, but not less important or interesting - life. Life, like people, is also different and offers a big variety to everybody. It has also different attitude to people. Some of them, I mean people, are included in its plans, others are not. Some of them have the common wishes with life, but others can not reach agreement.
No, of cause not, I’m not going to tell about justice, faithfulness or something else. I lead to the point which, in some way answerers problematic questions and help us to solve the dilemma. A lot of fails are in us. Lack of confidence, lack of strength and trust in success breaks our hearts and souls, and urges life to resist us to destroy our plans and hopes, and disagree with our wishes. Life dislikes weak people; it doesn’t want to forgive tears and complaints. Selecting the image of design swan, we make our life to attack us, to mock at us and intensify its desire to burn us to the ground. Instead of support and understanding, help and sympathy, we meet contradictory actions. Only courage and brave can subdue seas. And even its grandeur lucky smiles those ones who are strong and convinced in succeeding in the affair. There is a moment in everybody’s life, when because of this or that circumstance, we are to make a decision ourselves, when nobody is willing to do this instead of us.
Making first steps in our life, we should stand at straight firm legs. It is nonsense to live behind somebody’s broad shoulders, because at such rate, we would see only these broad shoulders, but nothing else. Though no wonder life in general, like our own life, is much broader than any other encouragement. And starting journey, we should be not a captain of small and fragile raft, but of large and mighty ship with all important equipment to fight and to left the field of bottle as a winner.
Create your life yourselves, firm your character with your own hands and marvel at your own abilities. Feel capable of managing your own life and be a master of your fate.

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